Isn’t It Worth A Half-Day of Intensive Couples Counseling To Save Your Relationship?

Studies Show Single Session Counseling Can Be Highly Effective and Rewarding.

I help couples in any type of relationship.

My Half-Day Intensive has been designed for couples wanting a private counseling experience that is deeper and more comprehensive than that which they may have experienced in weekly counseling sessions.

Relationships in crisis often need a concentrated effort that delves deeply into issues and soothes the emotional pain that can cause irreparable damage.

Whether it’s to renew and awaken your fading love, repair a relationship on the verge of falling apart, or to make major relationship decisions, I offer a program geared toward your specific needs. I help you gain insights while teaching valuable communication skills to keep your disagreements focused and fair. I listen carefully and help you get to the heart of your problems quickly.

My fee for a Half-Day Intensive is $595. We meet in a comfortable, private setting for two hours, take a 1½ hour break, then meet again for another two hours. You will go home with new awarenesses, communication and problem-solving skills, tapes to listen to, and a plan.

A Half-Day Intensive can be an extremely satisfying and empowering experience.

Intensive couples counseling offers valuable tools for dealing with issues that seem unbearable and irresolvable.

Together, the three of us collaborate to understand your needs and values and set goals for the changes you desire. There is ample time to express deep feelings and rehearse new skills.

While many couples choose this approach because of the crisis they find themselves in, others just want to make a more significant investment of time in their relationship. They choose a Half-Day Intensive to get a jump start on the road to healing.

Issues such as infidelity, difficulty expressing needs, sexual problems, and loss of trust, if not resolved, can cause a couple to slowly, insidiously, drift apart. Drifting apart is the #1 cause of divorce in this country.

I will guide you through areas which may be too hot to handle by yourselves, help you reconnect and take your relationship to a satisfying, more intimate level.

After the session, you’ll be practicing new skills and commmunicating in a deeper, more connected way about your hopes and dreams.

How Are My Half-Day Intensives Unique?

Couples do not meet in a group with other couples. This in-depth counseling session is private and tailored specifically for you.

You Will Learn How to

  • listen without being defensive
  • get your point across without demeaning your partner
  • protect yourself when your partner uses abusive or demeaning language
  • nurture and support each other
  • rebuild trust
  • Heal past hurts and wounds

Follow-Up Sessions

Of course, follow-up sessions are always available to help you continue to improve your relationship. I offer scheduled counseling sessions at my office or by phone.

For a follow-up session, call me at 610-664-4222 or on my cell phone – 610-203-9837.

I can tell you, from more than 30 years of experience specializing in couples counseling, that most people who come here with little hope leave energized, optimistic, and eager to try new skills. They have a clearer understanding of what went wrong, how each contributed to the problem, and what they can do differently.

Without good counseling, people who move on to new relationships usually make the same mistakes again and again. Fifty-five percent of first marriages fail, and sixty-five percent of second marriages fail.

How sad that couples who long for a warm and gratifying love relationship often needlessly end up alone and broken-hearted.

The Chance To Save Your Relationship Is Worth The Drive To My Office.

If you live anywhere from Northern Virginia to Upstate New York, you are less than a three-hour drive away. You may find you no longer have time to try many therapists in your area who do not have the focus and experience that I have.

The Pain Of Infidelity

The truth is out, and the pain is excruciating. Your partner has had sex or been emotionally intimate with someone else. You are crushed and enraged. You blame your partner. Then you blame yourself. You want to leave. How can you live with yourself if you stay? You want to know the details, but you can’t bear to listen. Your partner’s apologies seem woefully inadequate, especially after all the lies.

It’s possible to start again. It takes a willingness to work through the pain, explore what went wrong, and learn new ways to relate.

A Half-Day Intensive can help you recover from the devastation and build a stronger, deeper relationship out of the rubble.

Experience what many couples have found to be a satisfying, comfortable, cost-effective and time-efficient way to nourish and heal your relationship.


Jacqueline Summers,

Licensed Psychologist
Specializing in Couples Counseling for more than 30 years

Relationship Counseling and Couples Counseling